Who we are...
He Is Able ministry was birthed by a promise from YAHWEH ABBA, promise to show that HE IS ABLE to deliver us out from the bondage of Sin and Death, and also from the consequences of sin. Able to deliver us out from every pain and suffering, and lead us in the path of HIS glory.
He Is Able ministries is an interdenominational, independent ministry with a vision to reach the people in desperate situation with the awesome delivering message that
:: HE IS ABLE ::
to do exceeding abundantly above all else we ask or think for our lives.

Cause of this website...

This webpage was placed here with the vision of reaching the desperate and decaying world with the Glad Tidings that 'HE IS ABLE'.
'He Is Able' to do exceeding abundantly above all else we ask or think.
You may be in a desperate situation today. Maybe you had an argument with your spouse, or maybe your child is not turning out as you thought them to be. Maybe at your workplace you had some strife with your co-workers or your Boss didn’t appreciate your hard work.
Everyday we all face such problems, but we must not succumb to our problems in such situations. But Rise Up and say
and surely He Is Able to deliver you out of that situation.
Also, today you may be sick with some incurable disease, or maybe you are unemployed or feeling downtrodden. I have an answer for you dear brother, dear sister-
::: HE IS ABLE ! :::

Support US

If you are blessed by Our Website and our Ministry and feel lead by YAHWEH ABBA to support our work,for the great cause.
Then please consider supporting us by your financial gifts and prayers.
All the money will be used for the purpose of preaching the Glad Tidings of the Kingdom. And for the extension of HIS dominion in this area.
You can donate to us by using PayPal, it will lead you to a secured donation gateway from where you can send us your gifts.