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The Womens Scarf in the Biblical Times

The small piece of fabric i.e. scarf is so common in Jewish religion, and are traditionally worn to symbolize sanctity, character and modesty. The prayer scarves and shawl are commonly know as “talis” or “tallit”, and is one of the iconic symbols of Judaism. Jewish women use them on different occasions like celebration, wedding, wedding, or prayer. During the biblical times, Jewish people commonly used the...


7 Ways You Can Detect a False Prophet!

I asked this question tonight on Yahoo answers. “So how do we tell who is a false prophet?” and I got a big range of answers and I would like to distill them into 7 things you might want to look out for when looking at ministries and individuals. ONE They are teaching something that is not biblical? One answer said: “Do they follow the Bibles...


Finally, Discover A New Dynamic Path To Improve Your Christian Walk – Secrets On How To Overcome Depressive and Negative Thoughts

If you’re like every Christian in this beautiful earth it’s really easy to suffer from depressive and negative thoughts.  If you’re a Christian who struggles to find answers and time to read God’s word.  There is finally a way to re-energize your mind with dynamic positive thinking.  It’s really easier than you think; by using your simple thinking and biblical knowledge you can overcome anything.