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  1. benson says:

    Dear savant of God ,

    Kindly receive our greetings through the name of our God and the lord Jesus Christ.I am pastor Benson the founder of one young church and a teacher of orphans. I am filled with joy and love because it is not my ability and plan to find you in your website pages but it is through God’s divine grace and connections that i have visited the internet and directed me to find you and His wonderful work you are doing for him.

    In fact what i have seen and learned from your web pages is full of truth secrets of the word of the bible of God, i really trust this changes of truths of the bible and very much interested as i am writing to you, i am greatly moved and thrilled with this wonderful teachings.Kindly, if possible send us kindly for our spiritual growth and development.

    Kindly i request you and your ministry if God provides the opportunity for you and give an ok you become our mentor parent, This what i am seeking and praying for God to visit your heart and give you directions to agree with us,and if possible you make a Macedonian trip to Kenya and share with us face to face.I trust and believe that you will not ignore us because of this wonderful work which God gifted to you to reach us here Kenya, Amen!! Kindly pray for this community which is full of traditional believes and teachings to know God’s true word of the bible .
    Kindly assist our community to know God and fulfill his holy calling.

    pastor Benson on behalf of the church.

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