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Beyond Today: Time Travel

Bible prophecy reflects a type of a time machine. It describes your world as it nears the prophetic end of the age and accurately reflects the headlines of today!


Beyond Today: A Short Course in Human Relations

Find opportunities to say these words every day and you can create a new positive environment. “I admit that I was wrong”…”you did a great job”…”what do you think”…”could you please”..”thank you”…”we”.


Beyond Today TV

For a Biblical Perspective on Our Fast-Changing World… The Beyond Today television and radio program offers a unique perspective on the challenging issues of our day. From marriage to the Middle East, from evolution to the end times, from terrorism to the Ten Commandments, from government to God’s existence, Beyond Today takes you on a Bible-based exploration of the major issues that shape your life and the lives of your family and loved ones. When you want understanding for your future watch or listen to this exciting new program, Beyond Today!