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He and us

Written by Reinhard Bonnke Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it. Matthew 13:45-46 Here is a question. It sounds like a Bible riddle, two riddles in one in fact. What is the greatest thing God ever did  … and could he do...

The Cure For Religious Confusion

by David Legge | Copyright © 2008 | All Rights Reserved | www.preachtheword.com We’re going to turn in our Bibles again to that second portion of Scripture that was read by Chris from Acts chapter 4, and I want to take as my text – though it’s very much in the context of both chapters that were read, 3 and 4 of Acts – but I...

Why SIN is SIN

Is a pedophile born a pedophile? . Here Chad Allen says he is born gay. John MacArthur Explains why SIN is SIN. No sin is Greater.

Beyond Today: The Easter Charade

What if you found that all you had known about Easter and all the traditional celebrations that surround it were a charade filled with falsehoods? www.beyondtoday.tv

Bible Prophecy vs. History (Daniel 11:1-19)

Bible Prophecy – The Book of Daniel 11 The Book of Daniel is a stunning example of Bible prophecy. The book claims to have been written sometime in the 6th century BC, but because of the accuracy of its detailed predictions, Daniel’s critics insist that it must have been written after the events described. They contend that it must have been written sometime after c.160 BC. Nevertheless, Flavius Josephus, court historian for three successive Roman Emperors, documents Alexander the Great receiving a copy of Daniel upon his annexation of Jerusalem in the autumn of 332 BC (Antiquities of the Jews XI, chapter viii, paragraphs 3-5). Furthermore, according to both the pseudo-aristeas account and Josephus (Antiquities of the Jews XII, chapter ii), Ptolemy Philadelphus (308-246 BC) commissioned the translation of the Septuagint (aka the LXX) from Hebrew into Greek in the 3rd century BC. Daniel is included in the LXX. Daniel is also included among the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) which date from about 200 BC (the oldest Daniel manuscript, 4Q114, dating from the late 2nd Century BC). In this video I go through the first 20 verses of Daniel 11. Each passage is followed by and compared with accepted secular history. The book of Daniel describes with incredible accuracy the fate of the Grecian Empire; how upon Alexander’s death his empire would be divided into four portions, the conflicts between two of these divisions, Egypt and Syria, and the affect which these wars would have upon the …