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Desiring God 2009 and Federal Vision

Two Catholics discuss their hopes for this year’s Desiring God Conference 2009. They discuss how Federal Vision has been helping Baptists and Presbyterians become Catholic for years now. They also discuss how Paul Washer mixes the Law and the Gospel, then teaches Baptists to trust in their own works for salvation. Sending people who are terrified of the Law to the Law for assurance is classic Catholicism. But, this reminds them of how Martin Luther discovered the Gospel, and refused to seek salvation or assurance for salvation in the Law of God–thus starting the Protestant Reformation. You might also be interested in this Catholic youtube user calling himself paleocrat. He embraced Federal Vision and actually promotes Federal Vision to this day as a wonderful work leading Protestants back to Rome. Listen to him discuss Federal Vision, Douglas Wilson, and going back to Rome here: www.youtube.com Here is paleocrat’s testimony of how he went from being a Van Tilian Federal Vision proponent to being a Roman Catholic: www.youtube.com You will notice that paleocrat’s Federal Vision conversion ot Catholicism makes no mention of Christ.