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Tonex, The Lutherans, and Other Musings about Homosexuality, and Apostasy in the churches.

My thoughts on Tonex coming out of the closet, the Lutheran church approving of officers who live monogamous, same sex, gay lifestyles homosexuality, and apostasy in the churches today. Tonex believes that same sex, monogamous relationships are not sinful, and that God “honors covenants” made between same sex couples to stay with each other. He also admits still being attracted to men, having experienced “gay sex,” believes that there are “Holy Ghost filled Gay people” in the churches, has not had any kind of struggle internally against his homosexual feelings, (a sure sign that he does not have the Spirit) and how the “gay” side of him isn’t who he is when he is pastoring… yeah he is pastoring people. Tonex’s thoughts about his homosexuality – “I’m not sure that is something I need to be delivered from.” He is wrong and needs to repent. Here is the links to the entire interview: Part 1 www.youtube.com Part 2 (where he starts talking about his homosexuality and how he was sexually abused as a child.) www.youtube.com Part 3 (The finish) www.youtube.com Almost half the delegates at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America convention voted to ordain gay priests in long term relationships, and they easily approved a measure to allow gay marriage ceremonies. It is also a strange coincidence that there was a tornado that ripped the steeple off one of the Lutheran churches which the convention was held before they cast their vote. Apparently God is not happy *shrugs …


Behold The Beauty Of The Lord

Who can describe the beauty of Christ? His person so lovely, his nature so holy, his heart so fond, his spirit so gentle, his look so winning, his voice so soothing.


Learning to Listen as a Leader

People say that listening is an art form, that not anyone can do it or that it takes a “special” person to be a good listener. Although I will say that some people are better at listening than others I disagree that it is a gift. I believe everyone has the ability to listen if they wanted to; even Jesus speaks it many times to the...